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22-?                                       THE SlBHlSAX1 SIDDH^ST.
6.    ;* 0 ye faithful, tills is a good election : waver not in mind ; enter into
TGiifielves h contemplation and be not stragglers.   Wander not from iionse to
icnse, ccr be In donbr as to year own fathers door.   Says Sri Hari Bas3 "what
is Gcd's doing. Is as iied as Mount Somera has become.
7.    i Set your affection en the lotus-eyed, in comparison witli whose love
all loe is worthless ; or on the conversation of the saints : that so the sin of
TOOT soul may be effaced*   The love of Hari is Eke the durable dye of the mad-
der ; bat the lore of the world is like a stain of saffron that lasts only for two
days,   Sars Hari Das, set yonr affection on Bihari, and he knowing your heart
will remain with you for ever.
8.    vi A straw is at the mercy of the wind, that blows it about as it will and
carries it whither it pleases.   So is the realm of Brahma, or of Siva? or this
present world.   Says Sri Hari Das: this is my conclusion^ I have seea none
such as Bihari
9.    " Man is like a fish in the ocean of the -world; and other living creatures
of various species are as the crocodiles and alligators^ while the soul like the
wind spreads the entangling net of desire.   Again, ayariee is as a cage, and the
avaricious as divers, and the four objects of life as four compartments of the cage.
Says Hari Bas? those creatures only can escape whoever embrace the feet of the
soa of bliss.
10.    " Fool, why are you slothful IE Hari's praises ? Death goeth about with
bis arrows ready.   He heedeth not whether it be in season or out of season^ Bit
lias ever Ms bow on Ms shoulder.   "What avail heaps of pearls and other jewels
and elepbants tied up at your gate ?   Says Sri Hari Eas? though your queen
in rich attire await you in her chamber, all goes for noiMng when the darkness
of your last day draweth nigh,
11.    "' See the cleverness of these people: having no regard for Hari's lotos
feet, their Ife is spent to no purpose; when the angel of death comes and
encompasses them he does what seetneth Mm good.   Says Sri Hari Das; then is
he only found long-lived, who has takea Kunj-biMri to Ms soul
12.    " Set your heart upon securing Ms love.   With water-pot in hand per-
ambulate tie ways of Braj and? stringing the beads of your rosary, wander
through Briad4-baa and the lesser groves. - As a cow watches her own calf and
a doe iis own fawns and lias an eye for none other (the lords of Sri Hari Das
are            mi Ktmj-bihiri) be yoir meditation on them as well balanced as
a milk-pal on the head.